About Us


Gary's Perennials specializes in heavy, hardy North American grown perennial roots and large plugs for 1-3 gallon production. Our well-developed root systems are easy to grow on, practically fool-proof. Superior sizing, fresh digging whenever possible, refrigerated storage as opposed to freezing, and horticulturally sound shipping techniques, are some of the keys to our successful plants.


Many of the 200 + varieties we grow and distribute were originally requested by customers. On the other hand, we cull the slowest sellers each year to keep our list up to date and in tune with what today's designers are trying to create. Natives, Ferns, Grasses, Groundcovers and Perennials. We have what you are looking for and it's excellent material.


You'll experience unparalleled personal service here. If you need a plant we don't grow or distribute, we'll often find it among our network of contract growers. Landscapers: potting and growing is easy. If you have cultural questions, you can talk to an experienced plantsman. We've been landscaping since 1979, and we understand your needs.  


Last year we started a one-stop plug marketplace: www.perennialmarket.com. An online brokerage of the best plug growers in the country, this utility stretches our availability list and the length of time we can fulfill plants, to the max. Between our two divisions, we ship all year long.